The state of security for small and mid-size businesses

Microsoft Office 365 Security

Developing a cybersecurity program for your small business is no longer optional. Microsoft recommends that all businesses be prepared to contend with a security threat, regardless of the size or scope of the company. Check out this infographic to learn more about how you can provide comprehensive security solutions for your company.

Download:  The state of security for small and mid-size businesses (PDF)

Microsoft Office 365 opens new opportunities to be more creative, productive, collaborative, and always connected. For many companies and home computer users, Office 365 is the first cloud service embraced across their organization.

While adoption of Office 365 drives higher levels of security and collaboration, securing your Office 365 environment and your users is essential to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of intellectual, customer, and personal information stored in the cloud.

  • Is our information secure in the Office 365 environment?
  • Are our employees sending personally identifiable information unencrypted by email?
  • Who has access, both internally and externally?
  •  What if unauthorized users compromise account credentials?
  •  How can we detect ransomware and other malware in Office 365?
  •  What do we need to do to maintain compliance and data privacy policies?

Cloud by its very nature can be more secure because of the shared security model. As in the case of Microsoft Office 365, it is a shared security responsibility between the customer and Microsoft.

The first step in determining which Microsoft security services and controls to implement is to conduct an Office 365 security assessment.

ItsOnlyComputers is here to help you address your security concerns and after we perform a full assessment, we will work closely with you to understand your security objectives and help to plan, prioritize and implement a strategy to keep you, your business and your customer’s information secure.


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