Does your company need a
Technology Assessment?  Are you at risk?

In most cases, if you do not have a full-time, qualified and experienced IT professional on staff, the answer is Yes.

Do a quick analysis:


  • Do we have a technology security plan that assures our company data is secure?   
  • Do our vendors have access to security information we don’t know about?  
  • Who can access our system locally or remotely?  
  • Is my client’s personal information protected from theft?  Are we at risk?


  • Do I have an inventory of logins and passwords for our network devices?
  • Do we have an inventory of software, hardware, and licensing?
  • Is there a software patch management plan for our servers, computers, and firewalls?
  • Do employees have access to sensitive business information?
  • Do we have access to our security plan off-site?

System Backup and Recovery

  • What is our backup plan for business information stored on servers & workstations?  Have we tested the plan?
  • Do we know what to do and who to rely on if our system fails?
  • How long should it take to recover if our systems fail, and what is the impact to our business and our clients?

ItsOnlyComputers will make sure your data and equipment are secure, fully documented, up to date, and provide a plan for system back-up and recovery.

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