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Why perform a Computer or Network Audit and Assessment?

As a business owner, workplace manager, home-based business, and YES, even home-based computer user? You need to be proactive in knowing what’s happening with the health of your computer systems, network, social media accounts, and even your website. Performing a computer network audit and assessment at home or business is essential to reduce the potential for computer breaches and information theft, unexpected downtime due to malware and computer viruses, and increase staff productivity.

Visit our Computer & Network Technology Checklist to understand the importance of a computer audit and assessment and how you can safeguard your data and protect your business brand.

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Whenever I have a problem and I’m 97 but doing good except for my magic fingers that screw me up sometimes causing my computer to stop working right and David always comes to my rescue. I can’t praise him and his knowledge enough.

Bill S., Denver

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