Compliance Is The New Normal — It’s Time To Lock Down The Data

The recent anniversary of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)’s implementation commemorated the first full year that businesses dealing with EU resident data have spent operating in this new regulatory environment. This article from Forbes highlights the broadening recognition and acceptance that privacy regulations aren’t going away, and presents data showing that accelerating privacy regulation is a top concern of executives in 2019. It makes a case for using GDPR as a catalyst to establish broader data protection strategies and adopt technology that has a meaningful impact on data security.

Businesses must be prepared for ongoing and elevating compliance standards in the years ahead — standards that may vary greatly by region, country, or state. GDPR spurred great strides in data governance, causing companies to take note of what data they have, where is it, who has access, etc. as well as make significant improvements in the timeliness of breach notifications. However, better data governance and reporting isn’t the end of the compliance story. While improving procedures in these areas is important for companies and consumers alike, these first steps are just that — a beginning.

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Data Governance and Compliance

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