Can I borrow your phone?

So here's the scenario,  someone asks to borrow your phone to make a call and I would guess most people would have no problem doing something nice for another person and letting them use it. WAIT JUST A MINUTE!

Computer Repair

Hardware downtime is expensive in almost every modern business. Employees can’t work, and IT staff are engaged in remedial action. Prevention and preparation, as always, are the best cure.

IT Audit and Assessment

You can’t manage an IT system effectively if you don’t know what it comprises. It’s alarmingly easy to lose sight of what makes up your IT ecosystem. And the job isn’t made easier by developments like employees bringing their own devices to work.

2017 IT Budget Planning

Uncertain times call for wise planning in IT. Global political uncertainty and flat company revenues mean budgets will be stalled for the near future, affecting investment in not just products but people. It sounds dire; however, four clear themes remain relevant in governing IT budget spend for 2017.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and DR: Keep your business safe

It’s essential to have the right IT backup and disaster recovery (DR) systems in place if you want to safeguard your company’s digital assets.